nRF24 module new part, but small

I use the small module in my arduino sketch, there’s no current available footprint so I modified one, already soldered a lot success with raw-pads approach but not part, should work.

see the picture for reference :slight_smile: left is the tiny kind with 1.27 pitch, while right is the bigger size and original part I modify from.

notice there are many different nRF24 modules on the alibaba market,
pins COULD BE DIFFERENT, mine designed to use the most common one?
orders are 3.3V, Gnd, CE, CSN, SCK, MOSI, MISO, IRQ, respectively.

I changed the PCB view only, other view remains.
NRF24L01 Tiny Module.fzpz (22.5 KB)

the probably most common one:

Breadboard is still the original board, it may be better to have a copy of the actual board there with the 1.27mm pitch. As well there is no breadboard layerId in the part (to create one, ungroup everything then select all and regroup and rename the group “breadboard”. The only effect I am aware of of this is your part won’t appear if the sketch is exported as an svg.


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Yes, I always go without other views,
I typically deal only with PCB footprint, and I prototype without breadboard
just solder and wire in thin-air :partying_face: still work for me

But curious, are there 1.27 parts able to fit in breadboard? there looks only 2.54mm
I took a quick search, I mean, I don’t see breadboard can fit with 1.27 grid they are all 1.27 grid. might need an adapter. :stuck_out_tongue:

that is a point I haven’t considered :thinking: people will be harder to prototype with the 1.27mm version of nRF module if they work with a breadboard.

I’m not aware of any breadboard with a pitch less than .1in, so to actually physically use it on a breadboard you would need either an adapter or solder wires that end in a .1header type dupont connector and plug that in to the breadboard (I have done both on wireless parts with 1.27mm pitch connectors that I want to breadboard.) Breadboard view will support connectors on 1.27mm pitch so you can have the part off the breadboard and connect to the breadboard with wires though.


Okay, hope this works :slight_smile:

my first time on breadboard view,
still modified from the origin



NRF24L01 Tiny Module_2.fzpz (25.2 KB)

I can’t say its not satisfying

Looks good! If you are prototyping with 1.27mm headers you may be interested in these:

They are the only single pin 1.27mm connector that I am aware of (and at $2 ea expensive as well!) but they are useful. I have one of these on 1 end of a jumper wire and a single pin dupont .1 header connector on the other (suitable for connecting to either a breadboard or a CPU with .1 header connectors.) Makes prototyping a lot easier.



I already have working things using the small module, I just use this module too much that I’m tired with all the raw-pads :stuck_out_tongue: so I made a part.

there’s 1.27 pins and their female headers, I remember using that and solder some air wire to arduino to build prototype like in 2018. all that should work.

the next would be the similiar modules with different pinouts, not sure why they changed that, but that sucks.
it seems that it has identical range to bigger/ but not crazy amplified modules
RF is so black magic and next I can try is probably bigger antenna