Notice to users-

Microsoft recently did an update on my Win 10, after which I lost my fritzing forum password cookie. Tried the ‘reset my password’ option, but never received reset email.

Kjell said was blocking reset email from fritzing. We both tried contacting customer support w/ no luck. Checked my spam folder and blocked email list.

After 2 weeks of no luck with Yahoo mail, Kjell helped me thru different avenue, so big thanks to him. He went above and beyond expectations to help 1 member :clap:

I am having pretty much the same problem. I just upgraded to a newer computer and I’m installing the software I use on it. I tried logging into the forum and forgot my password. I used the “reset password” option and I didn’t receive an e-mail. I use for my e-mail.

Luckily, I was able to get on the forum by using my old computer so I could post this message.

I need a way to log in or recover my password. I couldn’t find any options in the forum’s user settings to change my password. Anybody have any suggestions?


I believe the forum login uses the main credentials, even though it has (can have) a different user name. Try changing the password on Click the user (head) icon, profile, change password. It looks like that will let you change the password without reentering the old password. Which is generally a bad idea. The scenario being someone walking up to your computer when you forgot to lock the screen, and changing the password.

Hi meteor88, welcome to the forum!

@microMerlin - I’m not auto logged in on with my browser. I need my password to log in there. So no luck there… but thanks for the help!

I assume login info is stored by the browser as a cookie. I use firefox browser, which stores all cookies in a single SQLite database file. So I don’t think I will recover the login info from the cookie, as I just don’t want to spend the time figuring out a file I’ve never messed with.

I understand the current situation with fritzing development, but the forum really needs a moderator to handle things like this.

just my 2 cents…

A message to @KjellM should do the trick. He is effectively the moderator and supports the web site and forum.


Three more users are affected by this so far. I did not yet get a response from . Emails at are also affected, they seem to be routed through . So far are the only ones who blacklisted us. I guess the IP of our server was already blacklisted at when we got it. I trust our email service provider that they would not give us a known bad IP, and indeed our server is not on any public blacklist I could find.

Some services are slowing down our email because of a low volume, a relatively new and unknown email server or a claimed missconfiguration (which is usually kept vague and I could not yet identify). However the slowdown is only about 6 minutes, before the new server we often had a 20 minutes slowdown.

@KjellM - Thank you for your response! I received a copy of the e-mail you sent and I assume there was no response to that e-mail.

So today, I spent 45 minutes on the phone to att customer support. 12 hours later, I received a call back from att and further explained the problem: I receive e-mails from the forum, one informing me that @vanepp replied to this thread, and forum summary e-mails, but not password reset e-mail. Allegedly, they are looking into the problem and will call me back in a day or two.

I’ll update this thread when I hear something.


Is the password reset email perhaps coming from a different machine/ email address from the forum messages? That would mean the forum isn’t blocked but the password reset machine / email address is.


I would think they are coming from the same server as that would make sense, but I don’t know. But I do know, 4 hours ago I received a forum summary since it has been sometime since I logged in, 2 weeks to be exact and 2 forum summary e-mails received.

I hope to have the time to call AT&T again and make some progress on this problem. But it does seem strange that I am getting all e-mails from the forum, but not the password reset e-mails from forum.

thanks for any help,

That is exactly what happened to me. I want to thank Kjell again for helping.

@oemcar were you receiving e-mails from this forum?

I receive forum summary e-mails if I haven’t visited the forum for a week. I’m just not receiving the password reset e-mail, which I think is strange.

Also of note, when I originally signed up for this forum, I never received an e-mail to confirm me signing up because I used a different e-mail address, one I use for junk e-mail. It’s a yahoo mail address. So I just browsed this forum for a couple of years…

Anyway, I’m still puzzled and I’m not entirely sure that this is an att & yahoo problem, or some other problem.


@just_randy Forum and main servers have very different routes and configurations.

Posts and topic updates were received regularly as emails to same address I couldn’t receive password reset email.