Non consecutive Connector ID when adding more connectors in New Parts Editor

Steps I took that resulted in the problem:

Open up any part (e.g. generic female header) in New Parts Editor and click on Connectors tab.

You will see in top edit box number of connectors = 2.

Below you will see

id: connector0 for pin 1
and id: connector1 for pin 2

Now increase the number of connectors to say = 10

What you now see for pin 3 is a connector id = connector3 instead of connector2

What I expected should have happened instead:

It is a non-consecutive increase. It should be connector 2

My version of Fritzing and my operating system:

…Version 0.9.3 (b5c895d327c44a3114e5fcc9d8260daf0

Please also attach any files that help explaining this problem

This problem can only be replicated in Parts Editor.

I have spent weeks creating a part which has more than 64 connectors.

I cannot now find a way to get the connector ids to match because parts editor cannot count properly. This is such a basic error that can so easily be fixed. I am just surprised it hasn’t been sorted by now and is not seen as top priority.

It happens always when I am making a new part with tons of connectors. The best quick-fix so far:

  • Set number of connectors to zero.
  • Now set the same ammount of connectors you need +1.
  • Check if there is an incorrect number count and repeat until succeed.

Yes, that is one way but then the preferred standard for parts is to have connector ID’s starting at 0 and this method it starts at 1.

I eventually resolved by opening up the fzp file and manually changing the connector numbers to make it consecutive. A little laborious but it worked.

But there is more to this problem. If I reduce the connector count then increase again then decrease and increase a 2nd time the new numbering is even more off.

For example start with an eight connector. the last connector id is 7. Add another 8 connectors for example and it skips connector id 8 and starts at 9. That’s as per above. Now reduce connector count down to zero or one. Now increase to say 20. This time it still starts at connector 9.