Node32s for Frintzing part

Node32s.fzpz (10.2 KB)

or you can download at

Looks good, two suggestions though, you have 3 drill sizes .038 (suitable for .25 pins and I assume what you would want), 0.40 and .044 both of which I expect should also be .038. My local board house shows .038 and .042 as free drill sizes (if you really do want a couple of holes a bit bigger). As well I’d be tempted to rearrange the pin layout in schematic. Try putting two 19 pin connectors in breadboard, one on each side and connect them pin to pin. Breadboard and pcb have straight routes (as we would expect) but schematic is a mess, I was going to say “but that may be a functional layout” but it doesn’t appear to be, the pin designations seem close to random :slight_smile: given that, matching breadboard and schematic may be a better bet. As well I’d be tempted to copy the pin numbers (I assume that’s what they are?) from breadboard in to schematic as well so you can associate a pin in schematic with the device in breadboard and pcb.


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