No soldermask on the pcb trick

Hi everyone,

Can somebody explain me the trick to have no soldermask on the pcb in fritzing please.

I would like to put LEDs behind the pcb so that you can see them when they light up.


You need to make a custom part with copper with no fill in the area you don’t want solder mask. I believe it is documented somewhere in the forums.


I make some top panels with fritzing, and they just have cutouts and some silkscreen. They come back from jlcpcb without soldermask as long as I don’t do a copper fill. And example: moat/keep.v4_top.fzz at master · poetaster/moat · GitHub



This technique gives you more control over your design by letting you choose which parts of your PCB won’t have a solder mask. It’s very helpful for making test points or pads for hand soldering.

You can visit this :point_right:pcb - How to remove solder mask? - Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange