No responses from Aisler

I am wondering if somebody else here on this forum has same sort of experience when
asking Aisler for advice:
Having noticed a wire overlap problem:

I wanted to have some advice from them before I ordering to fabricate my newly designed PCB and wrote Felix (from Aisler) on Sept. 16th an email. Until now I did not get a response. In the meantime I took the risk and ordered that PCB to fabricate.
The result was an impeccable fabricated PCB (yes, they make beautiful PCB’s).
Recently I wanted to order another PCB to fabricate but during the process of administration I got a question and filled in a support request.
Then again no response until now (a question made on Oct. 6th.
Do others have this same “no responding” experience?

hey @JoeAlders

Felix, co-founder of AISLER here. We are working hard to get our support queue closed; it’s been a bit overwhelming lately. But that’s an internal problem we are fixing at the moment.

Regarding the request, please briefly let me know the email address the request came from and I’ll do my best to find and prioritize it.

We are in fact working on getting our support queue reduced to inbox 0 and have staffed up in our service department. We’ll hep you out asap.


PS.: Usually when you can check the rendering your order will be manufactured as a perfect twin of the online rendering; so if that looks great you can order without hesitation (that’s what our rendering guarantee is)

Thanks Felix for your response. In the meantime the request for both problems are solved. Partly because I simply took the risk that fabrication would result a good PCB
which turned out to be O.K.
The other question was the support for a paying problem. There was a difference in the amount of money I had to pay and the price indication which Aisler gave at the start. But after some attemps I discovered that I did some misinterpretation about
the choice of delivery (UPS or simply by the standard Post). After selecting
“Standard Post” by doing nothing ,that difference disappeared.
So no further action is required.