No part for Wemos D1 Mini PRO


I am wanting to use a ESP8266 with an external antenna, and found Wemos D1 Mini Pro to be quite useful. Now, i am seriosly considering prototyping a PCB, and i cannot find that part in Fritzing.


Does anyone have it, or can offer suggestions.

Thanks in advance.

This should do what you want. Before ordering boards you need to check that the footprint and especially the mounting holes are correct. The top two probably are, but the bottom one llikely isn’t because there is no information about where it should be.

WeMos D1 Mini Pro.fzpz (19.7 KB)


Thanks very much for such prompt response. I am gonna try this out and advise.

Hello Vanepp,
I noticed that the part you have given is version 2.0.0. ( thanks)
Is it possible to get the part for version 1.0.0.

Thats the one i am using ( i understand its retired, but we did some work on it, and i am not in a position to upgrade boards yet).


If I had know that life would have been easier :slight_smile: , try this part on github:

It is for the mini not the pro but they appear identical from the Fritzing standpoint at least at a quick glance. I made the new part because it isn’t identical to this one.


Oh Sorry about that.
Thanks for this. I am using the DI Mini, suspecting they will be the same.
Fingers crossed.
Onward and Upward !!
Thanks for your effort.


Not a big issue, I was stuck waiting for the dev environment to finish downloading so I had time on my hands :slight_smile: .


I’m not sure how chrome relates to this. Fritzing shouldn’t do anything to chrome, Fritzing is self contained.