No outline at customized pcb shape

Hi can someone help with my pcb design ?

I received from manufacture mail that there is no outline at the gerber file.
the shape of the pcb is customized by me,
how can i fix this ASAP ?

I’ve seen people talk about it in the forum so do a search for “customized pcb shape” here.

You can also upload the sketch(.fzz) with the 7th button here and maybe someone can look at it.


Thanks for your answer,
i don’t know how to upload the file,
can you explain ?


When you reply it’s the 7th button on the top, right above where you are typing.

I probably can’t fix it, but at least someone can look at it as soon as they wake up.

Ninebot_bridge_board.fzz (11.6 KB)

Sorry that didn’t work - I couldn’t get the svg out of a ,fzz -.

Can you get the svg for the PCB and rename the extension to .fzpz, and upload that.

shape.fzpz (1.4 KB)

I found the problem,
at the layer needed to change the name of the SVG layers to silkscreen , board and silkscreen0

Cool, because I was lost.