No line under bolt head


I am designing a PCB the will be bolted into a box. So I make 3mm holes on my PCB.
I want NO line to go to close from my hole (let say 2mm) when auto-routing so that they be not damaged or short circuited when tightening
like that:

thank you

Nobody serious auto routes, it’s nearly always done manually - AR was used in the 70’s when there were lots of IC in lines, something no one does anymore -. You could set the keepout at 2mm, but that would ruin everything else, so just set grid size and manually move the traces.

If you want to upload the .fzz for others to see what you are talking about, use the 7th button in the toolbar.

thank you for your answer, I thought everybody used AR

ARs don’t really have a chance getting things as neat as this PCB I did manually.

If you’re interested here is Dave not using the AR in his $9K Altium EDA

Autorouting is not the only reason to want to set a keepout area. Using Design rules check would be another. To get the effect you want, when you place a hole, add a ring thickness. That would add a copper ring around the hole that autorouting would avoid, and DCR would complain about if traces get too close.

The keepout will be the ring thickness plus the “Keepout” value defined in the Autorouter settings.

If you do not really want a copper ring, change the ring size back to zero after everything else is placed and routed.

thank you, that’s a workaround I thought about

that’s what I thaugh actually because I make only simple PCBs, and I realise AR does ugly things, you re right.
I understand why no AR is the default option when drawing