No communication between Fritzing and Arduino

Since some time, I work with Arduino IDE and Fritzing. I make the sketch with Arduino IDE and design the board with the Fritzing software.
Now I try to store also my sketches with the Fritzing software. But it is not possible for me to upload the sketch to the board. I get the following output:
Running D:/Programme/ --board arduino:avr:nano --port \.\COM3 --upload E:\EigeneDateien\Eigene Dokumente\Hardware\Arduino\Projekte\UltraschallAmpel\Ampel_2-01_Ultraschall.ino\Ampel_2-01_Ultraschall_TMP\Ampel_2-01_Ultraschall_TMP.ino
Hochladen beendet.
But on the Arduino board nothing happens. If I take the same sketch to the arduin IDE and upload it there, all runs ok.
What mistake did I do? Can anyone help me?
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Fritzing is not an IDE… The code view is just a place to store your code to be exported with your project so others can use it…

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But why did the software offer this? I think, it will irritate new user.

I think you are right. It is kind of useless and confusing… It looks like an IDE at first… I believe this was initiated during the startup of Fritzing project…

It is completely new to me that the Fritzing can connect with the Arduino.
How is this possible?
Why to do this?

@Highway, @asasergio, After researching the code tab issue a little further… the code is supposed to be uploaded through either the Arduino or PICAXE compiler and downloader via shell command(s). At the present time, only PICAXE is able to use the upload feather in Fritzing and Arduino will not have the via shell command(s) feature until Arduino 1.0…


Ich wuĂźte nicht, das das nicht funktioniert, so habe ich es ausprobiert.:innocent:

fritzing 0.9.3b scheint immer noch zu funktionieren. Das Problem liegt in der Arduino IDE. Mit der Version 1.6.4 funktioniert es.

Weiter hab ich mich nicht rangetastet, vieleicht funktionieren auch noch höhere Versionen der IDE.

GruĂź Bernd