Nicla Sense ME fritzing part

Hi, can somebody help my with the this part for the Fritzing? Nicla Sense ME — Arduino Official Store

Thank you guys.

This part may do what you want. The may is because the documentation is incomplete so the pins of the 5 pin connector may be backwards.

arduino-nicla-sense-me.fzpz (20.5 KB)

there is only a THT version because there are connectors on the bottom of the board that appear to mean you can’t surface mount it to a board. As usual the mounting holes are only on silkscreen in pcb view (and the connectors don’t appear at all) so if you want the mounting holes you need to drag a hole from core/pcb in to the sketch place it over the mounting hole and set the size correctly. It also doesn’t have the jtag connectors but I expect they aren’t needed.


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Thank you very much, Peter

It is enough for my. It will helps in my project.