Newbie: why are part connectors short-cut?

I’m trying to make some new parts for my first project. I found a MCP5662 in a another post which seemed to be reviewed, and used that to create a new component LTC1480

My problem is that Fritzing seems to consider (1-based) connector 6 and 7 to be short-cut. This breaks the PCB autorouting in all sort of interesting ways. This applies both to the “old” MCP5662 and my own LTC1480.

I assume that this is buried in the parts xml file. However, decoding that one is above my paygrade.

EDIT: At a closer look, also the 9-pin D-sub connector seems to consider pin 2 and 3 to be short-cut. Yes, I’m testing without anything connected.

Any hint out there?

You need to upload the .fzpz file from the part you have created (upload is the 7th icon from the left in the reply menu) so we know what part you are referring to ( a google search for “fritzing part MCP5662” doesn’t turn up anything for me) so we can see what is happening. The likely answer is there is a bus definition in the part which maybe should not be there but it is impossible to tell without the part you are referring to.


It was just about some nasty ratnest lines I did not observe. As usual: shit behind the keyboard.

Sorry for the noise. Let’s forget this one.