Newbie question about how to add components

I am using this software for the first time and I would like to know how to add my own components, such as a touch display that is not in the library.
I see that there are some basic LCDs in the library such as 1602.

First you have to find (or make) a part. Start with a google search of the form “fritzing part model number” (where model number is the part you want.) If you find a .fzpz file then in Fritzing File->Opem->part.fzpz will load the part in to the mine parts bin ready for use.


If you end up with lots of added parts that way, you can organize them by creating additional “bins” to file them in.

It is also possible to organize within a bin by grouping within sections, but that needs to be done outside of the Fritzing app, by editing the bin file directly. Don’t go there, unless you are comfortable with editing xml files. It’s not really worth the effort unless you have a lot of custom parts, and use them a lot. More useful if you have a large group of parts that you want to publish for others to use. Creating and organizing them in a bin lets everyone benefit.

Unfortunately, I didn’t find a library on Google that says “fritzing stone TFT LCD” or something like that, so maybe I need to make it on my own?

Can I create a new LCD by modifying the schematic or PCB diagram of an existing LCD?

Doesn’t look like there is a Fritzing part available. It looks to be a simple serial connection as far as I can see so a part isn’t to hard to make (for me, as I have experience making parts.) Do you have a particular unit you are going to use? It looks like they all have a similar serial interface which is easy enough to do but it is preferable for breadboard to match the actual unit you are using. If you want try to make your own part this tutorial series will tell you how (and probably how complex it is as well :slight_smile: )

edit: I pulled up the data sheet for a 3.5in version and it looks pretty trivial. A simple 8pin connector for the serial port and the screen (which has the required mechanical drawing to make a part.) If you know what size you want I can make a part fairly easily. The 3.5 in data sheet is here:

The plug circled in red is the only thing Fritzing needs to interface to it and the size of the associated screen.

I would guess the interface will be identical across all models so the only change needed would be the size of the screen for different models.


Thanks for the tutorial, I will read it, it looks like something very complicated and needs a lot of diagrams to be done. I am not sure if I can do it.

That is generally my feeling, for a single part it is easier for me to make you one. Part creation is not that hard, learning to do it is. I’m most of the way through breadboard for the above 3.5in part already. From there a different part should be a simple edit of breadboard and pcb svgs to change the screen size.


Here is a part for the STVC035WT-01. It should do electrically for any of them, only the screen size and mounting holes will be wrong. If you want mounting holes in pcb you need to drag a hole from core parts in to the sketch and place it over the mounting holes in silkscreen and set the size to 3mm. By default the mounting holes won’t be drilled.

stone-lcd-STVC035WT-01.fzpz (5.0 KB)


Thank you so much, I’m learning how to do it now and I’ll come back and ask if I have any questions.