Newbie... program does not work?

Hello. Just downloaded and installed the fritzing on my windows 10 computer. But, when I double click fritzing.exe nothing happens. any ideas??? Chris

What constitutes nothing :slight_smile: does a red Fritzing screen come up and then it appears to freeze? If so you just need to wait for a while. The first thing Fritzing does on load is try and update the parts directory from github, and it doesn’t have a progress bar and appears to freeze. If you wait long enough (I’ve only seen a couple of minutes but I’ve heard reports of 5 minutes or more) it will eventually complete and start normally thereafter Another common problem is a complaint about missing dlls as the c runtime librarys aren’t on your machine.


Thanks for your reply. To clarify what is happening… when I double click fritzing.exe I get the hourglass image for 3 to 4 seconds. The hourglass then disappears and nothing else happens. The red Fritzing screen does not appear. I will uninstall the Fritzing and try again. Chris

Update… re-installed Fritzing… same problem. Any advice would be much appreciated. Chris

Try this one (from the win 10 search doesn’t work thread):

When making new parts I often manage to get Fritzing totally hung and the only solution I’ve found is to delete these two directories (Fritzing will recreate them on restart if you rename them to move them aside):


(which is a hidden directory so you need to have show hidden directories set in explorer) and

c:\Users\user_name\My Documents\Fritzing

where user_name is your windows account name. If something gets corrupted in here (usually sketches but maybe also parts search) Fritzing sometimes won’t recover from it (it also sometimes forgets to delete files it should which may be part of the problem).

In your case you can just delete the 2 directories and they will recreate as you presumably have no sketches. I’m just about to try a win10 install on one of my machines to see if I can reproduce the search problems others are having. Its possible Fritzing has manged to corrupt something in its temp directories and it won’t recover from that and a reinstall won’t change or delete them.

(edit) I also just did an install on a machine with a Win10 upgrade from Win7 pro to try and reproduce the search problems and that works fine for me so I know it will work on Win10.