Newbie: Broken DB9 connector part

To me, the DB9 Male Connector part in the core library looks broken in some respects.

The obvious is that although the DB9 male connector has a well established numbering scheme the part does not follow this. Notably, pin 2 and 3 is Rx and Tx data, which something entirely different in part’s scheme.

Modifying these labels is trivial, though, A bigger problem for me is the PCB view which basically looks upside-down with what should be top-left corner (pin 1/DCD) in bottom-right.

Suppose I could live with the labels after making some kind of translation table. However, I’m just so unsure about the PCB generated here. To me, the whole things looks shaky.

I suppose I miss something simple? Any clue, out there?

As for rastnets lines, I have these interesting ones… As fas as I can see, pin 8 is indeed not connected in any view. pin 7 is connected, but in another copy (I have two DB9 connectors)

Screenshot from 2023-09-08 12-28-58

So, turn it upside down and it actually looks sane. Nothing more complicated. Better labels would help, though