[New User] How do I get parts from Sparkfun into fritzing?

I’m trying to get https://www.sparkfun.com/products/13944 into fritzing and I can’t find it in the sparkfun section of parts. I also checked the github repo and it wasn’t there. Does that mean that I need to create a part for it?

Goo it and add fritzing or .fzpz. Also try images until you see a FZ image, and trace it back.

What do you mean try images? A reverse google image search? Also, can I convert/use any of these files? Sketchup, STL, Blender. They are all available for download on the Sparkfun page.

Not reverse, just images. It’s quicker to scroll images to see a FZ drawing, and hopefully it will go to the part or a sketch with the part. You might try looking for Sparkfun FZ part bins.

FZ uses vector svg drawing, with some practically being technical drawing that have to be accurate in PCB view.

Your best bet is to search for “SparkFun 9DoF Sensor Stick” in core parts (the magnifying glass in the parts bin), note you need to hit the enter key to search, it doesn’t react to mouse clicks, as this device already exists in core parts. I did a google search on “fritzing part SparkFun 9DoF Sensor Stick” (which is usually how I find fritzing parts) which turned it up in the github parts fritzing library which drove the search on core parts.
Edit: then again, just pulled the fritzing part up and it isn’t the same board. You may need a new part for the new board.