New raspberry pi A+ and updated raspberry PI A

On the theory given a hammer (the parts checking script) everything looks like a nail and thus should be hit, two more entries in the PI update sweepstakes (the Zero is already done and in, although it needs some cosmetic improvements). Since we don’t currently have a part for Raspberry PI A+ I cloned one from a B and it is new, the A included here is an update of the current A that fixes the part internally (scaling correct etc) and substitutes a modified version of the schematic used for the Zero (connections match the connector rather than some random order) and the pin names are the current ones from the RPI site. If you see problems please post! When I have finished the rest of these I’ll submit them for update in core on github. With the addition of the A+part we now have every current model of RPI other than the compute engines and a number of older ones that are no longer sold. As a bonus (and as usual :slight_smile: ) this turned up a problem in the parts script which is currently not processing icon files. That turns out to be a mistake because Inkscape will happily screw up the icon file (font-size in both a style command and standalone, Ink uses the style, Fritzing the standalone that Ink does not by default update if you change the one in the style). Another item for the todo list.

Raspberry Pi A.fzpz (39.9 KB)

Raspberry Pi A .fzpz (35.1 KB)

(apparantly the forum doesn’t like ‘+’ signs in the file name, The second file name is really ‘Raspberry Pi A+.fzpz’) and it won’t let me edit it different.


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