New parts: Google AIY Vision and Voice bonnets

These are the Fritzing parts used for illustrations in the AIY Projects GPIO guides.

These bonnets are designed for Raspberry Pi Zero.

AIY Vision Bonnet.fzpz (205.0 KB)
AIY Voice Bonnet.fzpz (269.7 KB)

You can see examples here:


thanks @scottamain! I was looking for these for a while.

Welcome aboard! There are a few issues (which may not be that important to you if you are only doing illustrations, and doing the minimum to get your task done is fine, someone who needs more can add more :slight_smile: ), the pins are set female and so don’t show connection points, making it hard to see where to connect to (although for illustrations that may be intentional too!) In this image I changed them to male (so the tip turns red) but making the entire pin connectorxpin and the end connectorxterminal will light the entire pin red (or green when a connection is made) while connecting the wire at the end of the pin as now.

On your original part it is even worse, there is no indication where the connections are (which is why I changed female to male to find the connection points although I could have as easily looked at the svg.)

As well it would be best to clone the PI Zero part so the Zero connectors have Fritzing connections so you could connect this to the Zero part (nicest would be to be able to stack it as in real life, but there are currently Fritzing issues with that that aren’t resolved yet.)


Haha, yeah I figured these weren’t up to snuff. Thanks for the explanation and suggestions!

I can’t promise I’ll make those improvements anytime soon, but thought some of you would get some use out of them, as incomplete as they may be. :slight_smile:

This is true, a big part of the work (breadboard) is already done for someone that wants these, and as long as the part is doing what you need, we all win!