New Part: Meadow F7 Micro


Greetings everyone,

I would like to add Meadow to the Fritzing part gallery.

Meadow by Wilderness Labs is the only Connected Things platform that runs full .NET Standard 2.0 apps on a microcontroller. Cloud managed, secure and embeddable. Real .Net for Real IoT.

Energy-efficient STM32F7 microcontroller with WiFi, BLE. 216MHz, 18MB RAM, 32MB Flash, 2D graphics and JPEG acceleration–powerful enough for machine vision and AI, small and efficient enough to be embedded anywhere.

Meadow F7 Micro.fzpz (112.0 KB)

I will keep an eye on this thread for any feedback or inquiries.



Your part currently has a number of problems which I will fix up. The pins are not on .1 boundaries and since they are headers they should be, the bb svg at least is dimensioned in px which can cause scaling problems among others. Is there a mechanical drawing of the board available (a google search doesn’t turn one up)? I see it is supposed to be the same format as the Adafruit feather, so I can get dimensions from that if there isn’t a mechanical drawing available and assuming the board is still feather compatible.



Hi Peter,

Thanks for your quick response. Sorry for the small details, its the first part I’ve ever created. I could try to fix these issues myself, but you seem more confident and experienced to make them a lot faster.

That’s correct, Meadow is the same form factor as the Adafruit Feather.

Are these the drawings you’re looking for?

If you have a lot on your plate, could you give me some references for the fixes that you need and I’ll upload a new version of the part?

Thanks in advance,


Yes, it looks like the png file has the dimensions I need. I’ll post a corrected part for you to check in a bit.



OK. here is a new part to try out. It has a different moduleId so it should load along side your original part without problem. It is set up with appropriate file names for core parts so assuming it checks out, it can be submitted on github to get included in core parts. Things to check are size and position of the headers and mounting holes in pcb as I needed to rescale your original svgs to get the pins to .1 in boundaries. Schematic is also different than your original, this one is the same layout as breadboard view, because I find it easier when trouble shooting if schematic matches breadboard view. If you don’t like it, I can change it back to your original layout without problem. In PCB I removed the text as typically we figure if the user wants text on the silkscreen they can add it in the sketch, but if they don’t want text on the silkscreen and it is in the part, they need to make a new part. Similarly the mounting holes on pcb are only on silkscreen and will not be drilled as stands. If the user wants mounting holes they can drag a hole item from inspector, re size it correctly and put it on top of the hole in silkscreen. As with text, this allows the user to not have mounting holes without having to change the part. I also renumbered the pins starting at 0 and going to 31.

Meadow F7 Micro-fixed.fzpz (19.6 KB)



Thank you so much for all your help. All this sounds pretty reasonable. We’re going to test it, and get back to you if we have any concerns or questions. Otherwise, we’ll make a pull request to the Develop branch and see if it goes through.

I appreciate all your support,


You are most welcome. We are trying to attract new users and especially developers to keep Fritzing going. Parts creation is complex and poorly documented so it is usually easier for one of us that already knows it to assist.