[NEW PART] Breadboard view totally black

Hi guys, begginer here. I’m trying to create a new part for a GY-61 accelerometer. In order to do this, i made a drawing of the part on Photoshop, and exported it as a .svg. You can find the result here, at this link: http://imgur.com/a/GVMvJ (can’t post more than 1 image since i just signed up!)

Yet, when i try to upload it on the Fritzing editor, this is what I get:

Any idea on how to solve the problem?

There are many ways that the part could be broken. A common one is that the graphics to be shown need to be inside of an svg group element that has an id that matches what the fzp file shows for the layerId. Usually “breadboard”.

Screen shots are not very useful for debugging, and the link is just a jpg image. Nothing there to tell what Fritzing is actually seeing. Upload the fzpz part file instead. That will have all of the linked pieces that Frizting actually uses.

Or you could use the Sparkfun ADXL335 in core parts either directly (as apparantly the pinout is the same according to a post I saw) or as a starting point to modify the breadboard svg to better match the unit you have. Pointers to the tutorials on parts making have been posted lately so I won’t repeat them here (the Inkscape svg editor is the usual tool of choice for svg editing though).


Start fritzing and select breadboard view. You will then see a virtual copy of such a breadboard and can use it. To see examples, download a sketch (an fzz file) from the projects tab on the main fritzing page such as this one (chosen at random):


where you should download file inicio.fzz and then open it with fritzing. That will load a project that uses the breadboard for you to experiment with.