NEW - PADI IoT Stamp by Pine64

Pine Microsystems Inc. has come out with a new IoT device… the PADI IoT Stamp, supposed to be released by the end of this month for a buck ninety-nine. The postage stamp size module will only be available as a stand alone unit, no breakout boards or dev kits available at this time… so you will need to make your own.

Attached is the Fritzing part and footprint with through panel thermal pad to get a jump start on your PADI IoT projects. I am also working on a breakout board which I will post here when finished.

PADI-IoT-Stamp.fzpz (25.9 KB)

Pinout looking at backside of IoT Stamp.

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@steelgoose, I am Pine64 founder and thanks on initiate the PADI IoT Stamp project. The first production already ready and currently just wait for software programming which we just approved yesterday, the stamps will be available online on October 10. Please email me and provide your shipping address, I will prepare few stamps and ship to you on early October.