Hello everybody

I am looking for the following cards:

  • LOLIN D1 mini v3.1.0
  • LOLIN D1 mini v4.0.0
  • LOLIN S2 mini board
  • LOLIN S2 Pico

Thanks in advance.

Entering “wemos d1 mini” in to the parts search (the magnifying glass in the parts bin) and pressing enter will bring up the D1 mini part. The other 2 didn’t exist yet, but these 2 should do what you want.

LOLIN_S2_mini.fzpz (18.1 KB)

LOLIN_S2_Pico.fzpz (12.8 KB)


Thank you vanepp, you are Santa Claus to me.
For the mini, it’s just for the new visuals of the cards that I don’t know how to replace :frowning:

Ah! Do your boards look like this:

LOLIN D1 mini v3.1.0

LOLIN D1 mini v4.0.0

If so it is an easy change to make. Although as the pin out doesn’t seem to change they are all electrically and Fitzing wise the same.


Yes, version 3.1.0 is identical and version 4.0.0 also has an I2C connector.
Then it’s prettier with the current visuals but I haven’t figured out how to do it yet.

I’m surprised no one else has requested this. It has changed fairly substantially from the originals. In any case here are the parts.

LOLIN-D1-mini-v4.0.0.fzpz (25.0 KB)

LOLIN-D1-mini-v3.1.0.fzpz (23.4 KB)

As usual, if you want mounting holes you need to drag a hole from core parts/pcb/hole in to your sketch and set the appropriate hole size, because the holes are only on silkscreen and won’t be drilled by default.


Thank you Peter for this work