New Here - Need ADV7391 part

Hey all whats up?
I’m new here and wanna figure out something before i start.
before ill get to my question, i’ll give some info about me, i am a student of Electrical Engineering. I’m doing a Final project and to keep working on that i need to create a PCB of chip called: “ADV7391” digital to analog for video signal. do you know if i can found it over here in Fritzing? or should i look for other program to create this PCB

There doesn’t appear to be a Fritzing part for the ADV7391 so either you (or more likely one of us) would need to make one. There isn’t a lot of information (such as a suggested pcb footprint) in the data sheet so that will be a little difficult. If you want that you would have to choose which of the 3 available packages you are going to select so we know which footprint to use. It is also going to be difficult to solder if you aren’t familiar with SMD assembly. I expect you will need other chips (the data sheet indicates another chip for something else) and will likely need more chips around it. You probably need to identify all of those and see how many are missing in Fritzing (it may be a lot) to see if Fritzing is a suitable solution or you need to use one of the other packages (Eagle or Kicad come to mind as free solutions). There is an evaluation board available for this chip I’d probably see if that will so what you need first. This appears to be a high speed chip and you will need to be familiar with pcb layout for high speed which it doesn’t really sound like you are. I’d check with your school and see if they have a design package that they support (I think many of them have copies of the commercial systems which are very expensive). Good luck, I’m afraid you are likely to need a lot of it :slight_smile: .