Nest List (For assembly)

Is there a way to print a net list for assembly. What I mean is if you prototyping it list each wire and its connections. Like A3 to G49, IC2 Pin3 to C1 Anode, etc?

File/Export/XML netlist

I was looking for something a little more human readable, and printable. The one I exported did not seem to have wires just parts connection points. Maybe I should explain more.

I am attempting to use Fritzing in the following fashion. First draw my schematic, breadboard my project in fritzing, then print the list as an instruction guide to actually do in real life on my breadboard what I just did in fritzing. Then if my prototype works, go back to fritzing and create (finish) my pcb. Lastly send it off to be made.

If you are using a real breadboard then wire it the same as breadboard view. If you want perf board when there are a variety of perf board varients in inspector. A net list is generally for something like spice to simulate the circuit (although it could be post processed in to your instruction list be something I expect).


Is that not what the schematic tells you?

I did a quick google for Fritzing XML netlist viewer and found a few projects that can convert between different formats and maybe one of those other formats will work for you.