Neopixels not responding to remote

Hi all, for a project im working on i have 20m of neopixels , divided in 4 limbs, run through an Arduino Due. Next to the Due I have a Uno which is responsible for the remote. At first I had 3 of the 5m neopixel limbs working but this was insufficient of course, so I placed a level shifter between the power, NP and Due. Afterwards I changed the code so it would run the 4 limbs, yet now i have nothing at all.

Anybody who could give me some insight here?

Attached you can find my code and fritzing file.
dagcafe lamp.fzz (17.0 KB)

A “nothing at all” situation does not give much to go on. No clue whether that is a hardware or software problem. Even the supplied code does not help much, since that does not show what changed from the 3 limb version.

Standard hardware and software debugging. Go back to the 3 limb setup that was working. Make sure that it actually IS working. Then change one thing at a time.

  • Add the level shifter. From your description, that should still work with no other changes. Make sure it still works
  • Keep the 3 limbs, but change the code so one of the limbs uses the pin number needed for the 4th limb. Make sure it still works.
  • Keeping 3 limbs, replace the limb that was moved to the new pin with the 4th limb. Make sure that works.
  • Now change the code to handle the 4 limbs, but still only hook up 3 of them.
  • If everything worked to here, reattach the limb that was temporarily removed.

If/when it stops working, it is due to what ever the last changes were, narrowing down where to look.

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Hey @driever - try reaching out to Adafruit via the Adafruit forums. That might help!