Needed MSA-1104


I am a beginner and I need one more part to complete my bread board.
Does any body have a part like the MSA-1104 I can insert ?


There doesn’t appear to be a part for this (no big surprise there :slight_smile: ), but even with the data sheet I’m not clear what footprint it would need. I assume it is going to want an impedance controlled strip line to connect to the signal source, but I so far haven’t found any suggested pcb footprints. Fritzing is generally a simple program for beginners and may not be appropriate for this particular use (although there have been some amazing things done with Fritzing.) if you have a suggested pcb footprint document, it isn’t hard to make a part (this is fairly simple, only 4 connections.)


There appears to be a (possibly incorrect, according to the comments) footprint here:

but it wants me to register to download it. It appears to only have the ground connections, I assume you would hook coax direct to the pins somehow (perhaps you know how this is supposed to work?) If you can obtain the eagle version of the footprint eagle2fritzing should be able to make a part out of it (and I have eagle2friting running)