Need to mount a new PSU module

Hi, I need to add a small PSU module to a project. It’s basically a small PCB with 4 pins on a 0.7 x 1.8 inch rectangle, 2 for Vin and 2 for Vout (it’s a boost converter). Creating a new part for this just seems too hard at the moment, as I simply want to mill out a quick PCB. Please could anyone suggest something suitable starting point, or should I simply place 4 pads at suitable positions and route to them?

A search for “boost converter” in the forum turns up a bunch of hits (don’t know about this exact layout though.) With a data sheet or web site for the part you want a part is fairly trivial for me. A google search of the form “fritzing part part-number” where part-number is a either the part number or a description of the module you want is also a good bet (and where I start before making parts!)


Thanks again Peter. Alas the only part number I have actually corresponds to the chip that the module uses internally, and though that is a Fritzing part it’s the chip not the module. I’ll try some other searches.

The above search finds most of the modules around (and there are a bunch for various parts people have requested.) A web site for the module you have may be enough to make a part.


Thanks again Peter - broadening the search terms slightly found the RioRand_LM2596 which is a down converter from the same eBay source. I bought 3 very similar 2596 modules using the same chip and almost identical layout at the same time as I bought the boost converters which are identical in appearance and size! So the RioRand_2596 should be usable except that the size of my modules are smaller! The one in the bin is ~48 x 24mm whereas mine are ~43 x 20mm. I can see from the forum that you’ve had to correct the footprint in the past - have you come across any like this which are kind of scaled down versions? Anyway I can use the footprint which is there with some short wire legs I think.

Try this one, it looks to be about the correct size

if it doesn’t match if you can provide the exact spacing between the pads
(either leading edge to leading edge or center to center) it is easy to scale one of the exiting ones.