Need to import smoothiboard from github

Hi everyone,

I’m hoping there is a simple fix to this. I’m new to Fritzing and I am trying to import a part. Some one has already done all the work to make a smoothieboard part and post it on Github, trouble is, there is no fpz file to import or open. I was wondering what my options are with regard to this. Unfortunately my googling has turned up precious little in the way of help on this topic. Could anyone tell me how to (or direct me to the instructions for) importing a part that is not in an .fpz/.fzpz/.fzz file format? Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

While I’m not an expert, I don’t think there is a quick fix. This isn’t a Fritzing part, it is (as the title suggests) the png graphics of the board. While a Fritzing part could be made with the png as a base it would be a fair amount of work. With no updates for 2 years it looks like the original author has given up. Basically you (or someone) would need to define where all the pins on the board go to create a part (none of which on a quick look appear to be in the repository). Hopefully someone else has a better answer for you :slight_smile:

The svg for BB view is there, and maybe the PCB, so the SCH will have to me made and the .fzp.

See there I go displaying my ignorance :slight_smile: I just looked at the change log not the actual repository. However a look at the smoothieboard-fritzing.svg file indicates no connector pins yet, so a lot of work to find and define the pin locations, but I agree the hard part (at least for me :slight_smile: ) of making a good breadboard svg is done already so this isn’t an impossible project just a fair bit of work. The pins all seem to have definitions in one drawing or another (and the project is open source so other documentation is available) so this could be done, just not as the OP was hoping by just loading something,

I don’t understand Github either.

I didn’t check all the svgs but you could probably make the PCB by deleting stuff from the BB view, if it’s dimensionally correct.

If the OP wants to try and make a Fritzing part from whats there I’m willing to assist on things like creating an fpz file for it, just not the work of trying to figure out where all the connections on the board are and what they are called and where their pins need go go in the svg. It sort of looks like the project just wanted to use Fritzing to document things (as opposed to making a full Fritzing part) and that part they may have completed already.

Holly carp!

Have you see the XML Edit of that thing.

Yep, its complex. Someone that knew what they were doing made it :slight_smile: and did a nice job.