Need some help updating or fixing the Open Knit PCB for Fab

Hello! I’m a graphic designer and Fritzing & the Aisler Fab service are super exciting and interesting to me!

I’d like to get the Open Knit PCB made–the file is OpenKnit_PCB.fzz and the link to the file is here:


When I upload the file, I get some kind of time out error–I tried opening the file in the newest version of Fritzing but it says that the Leonardo board is now obsolete, and in PCB view the Open Knit PCB is in the top left corner and the Leonardo board is in the bottom right corner–I’m not sure if there’s some way to fix or to update the file?

I did download the earliest version of Fritzing.2013.07.26.cocoa and that seems to open just fine, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to “upgrade” the file to the new version of Fritzing? Any pointers on correcting or updating the file so that I could use Aisler for Fabbing/making the Open Knit PCB are greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Hi co-founder of AISLER here,
looks like the file and some used footprints are outdated. We’ll have a close look at the file tomorrow and get back to you ASAP!


Looks like there is a custom A4988 part (which no longer works on 9.3b on the PC even when extracted from the fz and converted to an fzpz) that needs to be converted to the current A4988 in core and the Leonardo has a new part with fixed in the title that should replace the original. I don’t know enough about hacking fz files to do either though (a simple substitution didn’t do it) hopefully you do.

edit: I downloaded fritzing.2013.07.26.pc and tried this file, even there it does not appear to be complete. The motor driver board doesn’t load (although it is there in the pcb its not in schematic of breadboard) and the gerbers look wrong. For instance there are only 6 holes in the drill file against over 60 pads in the pcb. I think someone would have to rebuild this using current parts to make it work correctly.


Among this boards other problems there is a Fritzing bug (which I will report as it is easy to fix). The current Arduino Leonardo part in core is broken in that the pcb svg is duplicated which is what breaks rendering (I had already discovered this via a python script I’m working on). Here is a corrected temporary version until a fix appears: That said I think the original fzz is likely too broken to fix and that you would have to basically have to start a new Fritzing project with current parts to make this work (although I’d be happy to be proved wrong if the fab folks can fix it :slight_smile: ).


Arduino Leonardo (Rev3b).fzpz (41.5 KB)