NEED Part M02/M03 Screw Terminal 5mm pitch

Hello World,

I need part Screw Terminal 5mm pitch in 2 and 3 wire. I’ve googled but I have not find it.

The integrated version in Fritzing does not have the good bulk on the PCB.

This version is largely used.

SparkFun 8432 and SparkFun 8433

Here is the Datasheet

Someone have already made the part ?

Thank you In advance


What’s “good bulk” ?

For PCB all you need is 5mm pitch header with enough room around it so it doesn’t hit anything, so any screw terminal should be good enough if you know the size difference.

I created this one:
KF301-2.fzpz (9.5 KB)
Hope this helps you.
I also have a three terminal, will post it tonight when I get home.