Need part DQ420MA/ 2H Microstep driver

Hello everyone. I would be greatful if someone could help me with this part (DQ420MA/ 2H Microstep driver). I cannot find it and i need it only to connect it with other parts in Fritzing “Breadboard”.Thanks in advance

This is likely as close as there is (found with a google search for “fritzing part D!420MA/2H stepper motor driver”)

It isn’t exactly the same but may be close enough. I think there is also a 560 version although it doesn’t appear in the google search.


Thanks Peter for your response. You are right, it is very close to what i am looking for but i want to be precise with what i have bought( DQ420MA). Do you think that its easy for the Fritzing team to create one for me?

There isn’t directly a Fritzing team for parts, but I can modify the part easily enough to match what you want.


This part should do what you want. PCB view has been suppressed as not useful, so it only has breadboard and schematic.

DQ420MA-2H.fzpz (8.2 KB)


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Hello Peter. Thank you so much for the part. You are the best! Of course i can use this to do my project. You really helped me!! I would also like to do something for return, for your kindness and for your time that you spent to create it. So please tell me…

I’m good, in general making parts is fun (if you have sufficient experience at it!) and I’m much better at it than I am at development so I do it.