Need new part L298N

I need help with the parts L298N module

Thank you in advance.

What kind of help? If you are looking for the part itself there are several in the parts bin. Enter l298 in parts search (the magnifying glass in the parts bin list) and they come up.


I didn’t find this part l298 at all.

What version of Fritzing are you using? I’m assuming 0.9.3.b which is the latest. If so there are several versions of the chip and boards that use it in core parts. While I don;t think it is a recent addition, you might try in Fritzing help->Check for updates to see if you need a parts update. This is supposed to happen on every start but I have had cases where it doesn’t update til you manually check. What comes up in the parts search when you enter l298?


when I search for the part no result message come to me.

You need to press the enter key to make the search happen (a Fritzing quirk, the mouse won’t trigger a search). On 0.9.3.b in Windows (and should be the same on other platforms) a search on l288 comes up with 2 motor shield boards, the chip in a SMD package 2 more motor shields, the bare chip in tho and the chip with a heatsink. The chips all look to be Sparkfun so if search doesn’t work it should also be in the Sparkfun-PowerIC parts bin


there is one file for the the l298 but the file on fzz format I can’t add that file.

A fzz file is a sketch. If you open it with file->open it will load the sketch. A part would be an fzpz file (which is what is in the parts bins). You shouldn’t need an external part, you should be able to drag the part from the parts bin in to one of the views (such as breadboard) and the part will appear in the sketch.


okay thank you very much for your help