Need help with electric lock mini

Electric Lock Mini
Electric lock mini
Thank you!

Not enough information here to do anything useful with. I assume this is this part (from a google search for “Electric Lock Mini”)?

(which does have the necessary information.) Is what you want? In general pictures are not useful. We need a web site with dimensions and connector information (both of which this site has) to make a part. The parts help category of the forum has a template file that will request most of the required information.


looking closer it doesn’t appear to be this particular lock. The connectors are wrong, yours appears to be a single connector with 4 wires whereas this one is two two pin connectors. The web site for the exact part you want would be necessary. I don’t immediately see anything that looks too likely in the google images.


an image search says it is this one

a part will be up in a while.


This part should do what you want. Note the connections are an educated guess based on the wire colors (and may not be correctly labeled as a result.)

BADODOSECURITY-992.fzpz (4.3 KB)