Need Help with a DC-DC Buck Converter (LM2596) and LI-ION Batteries


I am new to Fritzing and I would need some help with creating or importing 2 parts:

  • LM2596 DC to DC Buck Converter
  • Li-Ion Batteries 3.7 2500 mAh

Both are available in the core parts library. If they hadn’t been the place to start is a google search of the form “fritzing part lipo battery” which will turn up parts that people have made.




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Does it depend if I have the cracked version? Because I do not find LM2596.

I find the batteries but what do I have to do if I need to change the voltage or the current value?

I’m not sure what a cracked version is, but no it shouldn’t matter. You may have to update the parts library (it should happen automatically, but in some circumstances it doesn’t.) First try Help->check for updates to see what it says. If that doesn’t work you need to manually update the parts db. Note you need to find the Fritzing install directory on your system and load the github repository in to the Fritzing parts directory.

As to the batteries once you have dragged it in to a sketch (not in the parts bin!). Inspector will change some things. If what you want isn’t changeable then you (or more likely one of us) would need to make a custom part.

In Inspector (lower right circled in red) you can change amp hour ratings to some common values.


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Thank you very much!I love you man! It was very sceptic about the reply time on the forum! Now I have my LM2596 and I can continue my faculty license project! I hope I will not need assistance anymore but if I go any problem, I will try to solve it and after that I will ask here for some help!

Thank you very much sir and have a great night!