Need help updating from 0.9.2 to 0.9.3b

This is dead simple - I’m sure.

I’m on Linux, and usually sudo apt update then sudo apt upgrade - but I just don’t

know what to do with the tar ball. I tried just opening it with engrampa and it unzips a bunch of stuff but i am missing a stepo in getting the update done

I want the new promini :slight_smile:

thanks for any help

you will have to uninstall 0.9.2, then install 0.9.3b from within the directory you unzipped “a bunch of stuff”. From that directory do a ./ You then have to use the file also in the directory with “a bunch of stuff” and use the file named Fritzing.

You can also create a shortcut using a menu editor pointing the shortcut to the Fritzing file in the directory.

Hope that is not too confusing.

That’s not very nice for Linux. In Win you can keep the old 0.9.2 as a backup and have 0.9.3.

It’s no more friendly then windows @Old_Grey. You can do the same on linux.

BUT to fix your problem @oddvertex please read threw this post, it should get you straight!

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