Need Help to use/create part with Package SOT (sot23-5)

Im beginner in using fritzing.
Need to use part in package SOT23-5 in building schematic & pcb.
part name: TPD2E001
This part of package SOT cannot be create using generic IC. (sot not in the package list)
Also cannot be create using Mystery part. (Im not sure, noob here).

I dunno whether I’m just not found that package.
There are lots of sparkfun part with sot23-5 package but i cant edit it (new part editor)
error Unable to load fzp from /usr/share/fritzing/pdb/core/SMD_HTSSOP28.fzp

What should I do?

Fritzing 0.9.2 installed on ubuntu

Not sure why you can’t edit one of the Sparkfun parts with this footprint? This should be relatively straightforward. Take any of these parts, right-click to edit in the parts editor, edit it, then save it as your TPD2E001.