Need help to make a scoreboard

I’m looking for someone who can help me with this, since I still see myself as a beginner. I made some “standard” boards, but everything that was present in Fritzing.

I ordered 2 LED RGB matrix 64x32 dots (192x96mm). I want to make a scoreboard for 4 players/teams. I want to place both screens under each other and control via a bluetooth module with an Arduino nano or Uno. The score (ranging from 0 to 99) must be displayed on a 32x32 grid, each player / team in a different color

If there is sufficient space, I also want to show a team name.

I would like to make the screen in Fritzing as a new part. How can I design this? I cannot find another post on this forum that someone has ever made a LED matrix 64x32.

A good start is a google search such as “fritzing part LED matrix”. This turns up some 8x8 matrix parts but nothing else so it doesn’t look like anyone has made one of these yet. The next step is for you to provide a link to the data sheet for the part you want to use that has the pin out and mechanical dimensions of the device (as they are required to make a part). It likely isn’t a large change from one of the 8x8 rgb parts that are around (if it doesn’t have internal drivers which it looks like most of them do). If you are using one of the ones from Adafruit they may have a fritzing part in their fritzing parts repository. Assuming you are using one of the generic ones from aliexpress or ebay mechanical and connection drawings may be more of a challange (they are typically lacking) and you may have to measure a unit to provide the necessary information.