Need help designing your fritzing board

Need help creating a board, can anyone help?

Lots of us can help. Upload the sketch of your board (the .fzz file) using the upload button on the reply menu (7th icon from the left) and explain your problem.


мне нужно чтобы во fritzing открыть нарисованныу надпись. И хотелось бы разобраться как самому нарисовать в adobe illustrator

такую плату нужно сделать в fritzing,

Google translate translates this as:

I need to open the painted inscription during fritzing.

I’m not sure what a painted inscription is.

And I would like to figure out how to draw in adobe illustrator

Likely your best bet is the Adobe site for tutorials, unless someone else here can help you with Illustrator. I use Inkscape not Illustrator.

However why do you need illustrator to make a board? Illustrator would be used to make parts, not a board, boards can be made in Fritzing using existing parts. Making parts is fairly difficult, you are better to try and find existing parts to use. What parts do you need that you don’t have?


суть в том , что это будет большая плата, мне так сказать нужен рисунок по которому я мог бы расставить светодиоды.

I’m not sure where the big fee comes in (or if google isn’t translating successfully), the cost of Illustrator? If so switch to Inkscape which is open source and thus has no fee attached. What kind of LED do you want to use? We have parts for a number of different kinds of leds both in the core parts bin and posted various places.


Буду использовать светодиоды SMD 5050 . попробую еще рах обьяснить, мне нужно нарисовать буквы для макетной платы, чтобы добавить в fritzing, после чего по макету я буду расставлять светодиоды и делать трассу

Спасибо что откликнулись, я просто не понял сразу что INKSCAPE это приложение. Скачал, установил.Все просто, еще раз спасибо!

I’m still a little unclear on why you need Inkscape. If you need text on the breadboard view, there is a text tool in the core parts bin at the bottom in the bin marked breadboard view, 5th icon from the left. It will allow you to add text to breadboard view without using Inkscape. The image view next to it can load svg files from Inkscape, but I’m not sure that the text tool wouldn’t do what you want and be a lot easier than learning Inkscape.