Need help checking PCB

I recently designed a PCB, however, it does not work. I connected all my breadboard parts exactly where its suppose to be but as soon as any module is plugged in, it shorts out. I am really not sure where its going wrong.
EILO.fzz (65.1 KB)


I am not a professional by any means but there is a very nice tool built into fritzing that can check for traces that are overlapping. It’s called “Design Rules Check (DRC)”

When I ran this on your sketch, it found a few places where traces were overlapping. It also highlights the spots on the trace itself. You can click on the item in the DRC window and it will highlight the part that is overlapping. The highlighting will go away if you close the DRC window and you have to run it again to see if the fixes you implemented are resolved. It does not update in real time.

That could possibly be the issue with your design but there might be other issues that are deeper than that. Again, I’m not an expert but I would start here.

Maybe someone else can go deeper into the design of the circuit and give advice on that part.

As @Ivory pointed out there are shorts in your board. There are also a few other problems. You won’t be able to connect to the mic pads as there are boards on both the top and bottom of the board which will prevent the wires running in to them.

that can be fixed by moving the connector like this

so it is clear of both boards (there may be other reasons why that can’t be done though. As well you want to enable the grid and place the components on 0.1in boundaries (unless as noted there are space constraints that I am not aware of that prevent that) like this


then move the components so they snap to the grid like this

which is contained in this sketch (note that parts have moved around which may not suit you!)

EILO-improved.fzz (44.3 KB)

Autorouting this still doesn’t work well (it rarely does) so I would manually route the board by clicking on the rats nest lines one at a time and routing the connection. That is more work but gives much better results. When that is done run DRC to make sure there are no overlaps. Hope this helps.