Need Alphasense Individual Sensor Board (ISB)


Someone have made a Fritzing Part For Individual Sensor Board (ISB) Alphasense B4 4-Electrode Gas Sensors.

Thanks .

I don’t think anyone will draw all that unless it just the green PCB and header.

What view do you want, ie SCH, PCB, BB

It is easy enough to do a simple copy of the board (less than all the parts showing :slight_smile: ) as all it really needs is the connector and board outline in BB, PCB view would presumably be a 6 pin header as it doesn’t look like it will mount on a board.

edit: here is a basic part as Old_Grey suggested. If you need changes they are fairly easy to make (as long as you are familiar with making parts that is, so that means I likely do it …)

Alphasense_ISB.fzpz (8.2 KB)


Thank you,

That was enough.