Need a part for this generic motor driver

Hello, I am new to this forum and an amateur. After being unable to find the fritzing model for this unnamed motor driver that I recently purchased off from my online website in Google, I decided to create a post.

I had come across a very similar post, but the OP, unfortunately, did not reply with more information when asked.

Here is the part that I have purchased from.

It is a South Korean website, and you can use Google Translate to get minor details. However, the bulk of the specification can be found in English by scrolling down more.

I have also brought this part personally, so I can send you a real photo of the part if you need one from a different angle. I can confirm the picture that is shown on the website and the ones I had with me are the same. However, I have soldered header pins on the holes, so it would not be an exact 1:1 match visually. Functionally though, they should be the same.
Note; the underside of the PCB is flat. The only protrusion is the soldered header pins that I’ve added in.

I had heard that it’s best if I were to have a specification datasheet, but I do not have it, and I do not know where to look for one. It has a generic name (the name is translated as “1.5A Small Dual DC Motor Driver/PWM Module”), so it’s hard to nail down exactly what parts it has. Function-wise though, it acts exactly like a simple H-Bridge for my DC Motor. I can also code PWM signals onto any of the input signal pins.

If you need more information, please ask. I do not know much about electronics, but I will try my best to help you fetch more information.

This should do mostly what you want. PCB is almost certainly not correct as it was made from a jpg image and isn’t likely to exactly match a real part. If you print out the pcb footprint at 1:1 scale and indicate how far the pads need to move in x and y that can be corrected.

motor-driver-shz-mdbl-010.fzpz (9.0 KB)


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Sorry for super late response. Got the Corona as of recent.

Thank you! It doesn’t have to be scaled 1:1 exactly - the whole purpose is to show the schematics and pinout so I can share the project to other people.

On a personal note, this lifted my heart considering previously I felt as if the world paused since I got sick. Thank you very much.