Need a Fritzing part for a 12x12mm tact switch

Can’t seem to find this part without the circuit board in the Fritzing parts. If I need one built, what do I do? Thanks in advance.

The reason that the switch in core parts has a circuit board in breadboard is because it won’t fit on a breadboard (probably the pins are not on 0.1in boundaries.) The pcb layout is correct from that particular switch though. If you want one that looks like this in breadboard use the one in core parts which doesn’t have a circuit board (but probably isn’t 12mm either.)


Just figured out that I was searching as the wrong part. Tact switch only brought up a few, wheras this part is known as a momentary switch. Thank you Peter!

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They are also called tactile-switches. This part may work for you:

@vanepp they fit fine in a bread board: they should be put across the middle gap (like an IC)

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