Mysterious Gerber line

Can anyone see why this part has a mysterious Gerber line running down one side. I pulled the silk part out of a vector PDF, so I don’t know if that did something.

TE - 6437288-2 - 4 Row 34 Way.fzpz (20.9 KB)

Repeat after me: “transforms are evil and I won’t allow them in my parts” :slight_smile: . You have been bit by a transform it looks like. I manually (because deep ungroup did not remove the transforms!) ungrouped your pcb to get rid of all the transforms and then regrouped it and now the stray line appears to be gone.

TE - 6437288-2 - 4 Row 34 Way_fixed.fzpz (22.9 KB)



Yay. I don’t really know how I’m adding the transforms, so I don’t really know how to prevent it.

Did you go to all the trouble of naming all the connectors. I can’t get it to auto assign pads when I put the svg in FZ, and since it will assign to any node at a high level I stopped naming them and just assign select them in FZ.

Nope all I did was load the pcb svg in Inkscape, ungroup everything to get rid of all the translates then regroup the connectors in to copper1/copper0 and then silkscreen. Translates seem to occur when you move things that are part of a group. In theory extensions->arrange->deep Ungroup does the same thing, but, at least in this case, it ungrouped fine but didn’t remove the translates and manually doing it with shift-cntrl-g did remove the translates which is annoying :slight_smile: . Connector names where left as is. I think the problem is that Fritzing didn’t understand one of the translates in silkscreen and rendered one of the lines much larger and in a different place than it should have.


I forgot how to do your Deep Ungroup hint and just node selected them individually off the PDF.

That’s weird. I checked my original svg and the they are plain circles, yet in the one you posted they are connector0pin. Must be FZ auto after you assign the pins in FZ Edit

I’d guess so, because the fzpz you posted has the correct connector names in it when unzipped with 7zip and I didn’t export it from Fritzing, just modifed the svg, then used 7zip to rezip the fzpz file and loaded the new part in to Frtizing to check it was correct.


Well now I know how to name the pads without all that tedious copy and paste.:relaxed: