Mylar capacitors (For PT2314)

I’m trying to make an arduino shield for a PT2314 audio processing ic.

it calls out for Mylar Capacitor for capacitors ( It is suggested that you use Mylar Capacitor for capacitors, C12 ~ C19). It doesn’t seem like there is a mylar capacitor part in the bin. what would be my best alternative/solution? I prefer through-hole since i’m a novice.

Thanks in advance

A quick look for mylar caps on digikey indicates the pin spacing is .2 in so select a ceramic cap from core and with it selected in the sketch in Inspector change the package from 100 mil (.1 in) to 200 mil (.2 inch) and you should be away. Basically you need to match the pcb footprint to the package size of the mylar capacitor you select (if the physical size of the cap is large you may also need to also allow some more room to surrounding components on the pcb assuming you are making a pcb).


so simple. thanks. as you can see, i’m very new at this

thank you!