My custom PCB is just black?

Hi there!
I’m trying to make a custom PCB but since each cutout needs to be correctly placed to match a prefabbed board. I first made the drawing in autocad and then imported that into illustrator to create the pcb as a svg but when I import it into Fritzing it’s just black…

I also checked the exported pdf’s for etching and they are black to… Attached the .svg if anyone could look at it!

Consider saving time and frustration by using Inkscape to do all the pcb work, then load it into Fritzing. Many tutorials posted here and youtube on how.

It took less time to make the attached than to type this text… about 30 seconds in Inkscape…
Attached does not have the dim’s you want or hole placements as you want.
You can simply drag the holes to desired location (bottom edge of Window shows location position of mouse or, if object selected, it shows location of upper top corner.
You can resize the Board in the panel…

forYou.fzz (1.7 KB)

It has to do with the way the color is applied to the board group. I opened it in Inkscape and tried a few things before I found I needed to set the color of the entire board group. I changed the color to some grey and I also changed the entire silkscreen group to white.

Image of actual PCB with random parts exported from Fritzing

SVG (right click and save as)