Multiple selection of parts

I’m currently designing a PCB which has a number of MAX7219s and 7-segment LEDs. Because these parts and all the connecting wires are duplicated on the PCB it would be handy if you were able to drag the mouse and do a multiple selection of the parts to do a copy and paste.

Hi Andy,

There is a way; select all the parts and connecting wires by dragging the selection box, starting from outside the PCB. Deselect the PCB by holding “Ctrl” and clicking on the PCB. All objects you want to copy or duplicate are now selected. In the menu bar at the top select Edit then Copy and Past or Duplicate.


Thanks, I hadn’t realised you needed to start the selection box outside of the PCB. Many thanks.

You can also click VIEW - then un-check Board Layer. Then right click and drag. you should be able to select without starting to drag outside of the PCB boundary.