Multiple PCB on 1 gerber file

My pcb is 20x22mm. The quote price from manufacture is the same upto 50x50mm. I am finding the way to make multiple pcbs on one gerber file. This case can have 4 pcs on 50x50 order and when it arrives I will cut it by myself to four pieces.

The problem is how can I generate 4 PCBs in one Gerber file.


See the link attached. The feature is not really documented. But if you have some time to play around you should be able to produce a v-cut style panel that can easily be manufactured by most pcb manufacturers.

Thank. I change my mind. I open PCB view and copy all and paste them for another 3 copies side by side. Then, expand the PCB board to cover all four. Can I draw a rectangle line around my previous design for easy cutting guideline?


This may work… I cannot guarantee exact placement of board and rectangle, ect. You might have to consult with the fab house to make sure they can v-cut as necessary. I’m sure you can make due this way

Fifteen years ago, PCB houses happily sectioned boards if I sent them a CAD file of it. I don’t know what they do ‘today’ because I’ve made my own boards since (via CNC). However, the approach is the same and I now do it in Fritzing.

Using Inkscape (or any drawing app) there is no need to go through the hoops of making layers. When ‘Loading’ the file into Fritzing, you can ignore the messages - the board loads fine and exports as normal.

A picture being “worth a thousand words”, you can glean from the image what’s going on. Fritzing file attached. They provide the concept… Also attached is the SVG with extension changed to fzz (for uploading).

Many ways to section it - this is simply one way…

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panel.fzz (1.6 KB)

the_SVG_panelized1p.fzz (3.4 KB)