Multiple breadboard pins to same schema connectors

I’m designing my own Fritzing part, and I’m stuck when I want to connect multiple GND and 3V3 pins of a board to a single GND and 3V3 connector in the schematic view of the board.

I tried to browse the Arduino Uno, which has a lot of resemblance, to see how they connected the multiple GNDs and 3V3s, but I got non the wiser.

How to approach?

Right click on the Ground pin then click “Set Ground Fill Seed”. This will connect the pin to the Ground Fill Plane. You can also connect the Ground Pin to a “via” and then click “Set Ground Fill Seed” on the via, connecting it the the Ground Plane.

in which view I should right click on the ground pin? I tried the breadboard view, the schematic view and the connections view. Did not see a Set Ground Fill Seed however, and I’d like to do the same with the 3V3s.

I did make internal connections from the GNDs to the other GNDs, and from the 3V3s to the other 3V3s, but still the parts editor wants me to connect all GND pins and 3v3 pins.

It is only on the pcb view.

Nothing to right click on the PCB view too.

I noticed that with other boards, like RaspPi multiple 3V3s, GNDs go to the same schematic point too. They do have another connector id, but the same x,y.

Should I edit this in a XML file?

Oh, I get it… I miss understood your question.

Look at the .fzp from the Arduino or RaspPi, At the end you will find the Internal Buses. Looks something like this, all of these pins are connect in the Bus.

<buses> <bus id="internal1"> <nodeMember connectorId="connector24"/> <nodeMember connectorId="connector25"/> <nodeMember connectorId="connector26"/> <nodeMember connectorId="connector27"/> </bus> <bus id="internal2"> <nodeMember connectorId="connector3"/> <nodeMember connectorId="connector2"/> <nodeMember connectorId="connector0"/> <nodeMember connectorId="connector1"/> </bus>

In Schematic View, you need to embed your pins. Make the first on visible and stack the rest of the pins behind it and make them invisible (set the thickness to 0).

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