Multimeter Using Arduino

You must have had problems with your Electrical components whether they worked or not, for example couple of days back I did an arduino project but it was not working I spent the next few days rebuilding the project using new parts until I found that it was the problem of 1 JUMPER WIRE!! the whole circuit did not run.(I had many problems like these) Then I knew I had to do something to check other components as well,so I came up with an idea to start working on a custom multimeter using arduino and lcd . I would want it to check: connectivity,voltage,resistance, to have a built in servo tester,LED tester and motor tester as well .I even am planning to have a menu system to change to the mode of electronic components and run through them.

What do u think about this and hope we will all together make a wonderful new custom multimeter one!!

I have started working on the project since Jan this year and would want your suggestions and ideas.

Thank you!!