MQ-4 Sensor Part

Hello people, you can download the MQ-4 sensor file, I hope it works for you.

MQ-4.fzpz (105.3 KB)

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Your part has a variety of problems (not being on the grid in breadboard for starters). Do you have a url to the mechanical drawing of the board for dimensions and pin spaceing? If so I’ll look at fixing your part up.


Do you own a MQ-5 I need it

Welcome aboard! There doesn’t appear to be a Fritzing part for a MQ-5, and there appear to be several versions around. A good start would be the url for the particular board that you need have to see if there is something that would do (there are Fritizng parts for other MQ gas sensors around and one of them may do.)


Can I use MQ-4 instead?

Many sensors can be substitued, DEPENDING on what is important to you and your application. To even attempt to answer that would need more information about the constraints for your particular case. Compare the datasheets. See which differences might affect how you intend to use it.

In general if the pins are identical, to Fritzing the part will be identical, but as Phil said it depends on what is important to your design. It isn’t overly difficult for me to make a part for a MQ-5, I just need to know which MQ-5 board you want.


I want this please … I use it for fire detection in my project

This should do the job. The mounting holes and module size in pcb may be incorrect as it is from a random MQ type module which may not be the same as yours. If you want mounting holes in pcb you need to drag a hole over the circle in silkscreen (by default the mounting holes are only on silkscreen, they are not drilled.) The gas sensor in breadboard isn’t quite right, but I;m not a good enough graphic artist to correct it.

MQ-5.fzpz (31.9 KB)


Thank you very much :bouquet: